Monday, 14 May 2018

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Why the Spiritual is superior to the Material?

Software vs Hardware.

Spiritual world to Material world is like Software to Hardware. One can see hardware and cannot see software, but feel the software. The software is the one which runs the hardware. It is the software which adds value to the device just like an Android OS to your gadget. We see that software is priced higher than hardware, in some cases. Hardware once designed can be manufactured with automation just like living beings born with reproduction. Whereas in case of software, many minds continually struggle to make it better day by day. Just as software is superior to hardware, the Spiritual world is superior to the Material world.

Physical - Physiological - Psychological.

The spiritual is something which is felt by the Soul like psychological feelings of happiness or sorrow. The material is something like gold which may not give happiness always. Since feelings are the one which makes one happy or sad, so the spiritual world is superior to the material world. The material world cannot buy happiness, whereas a spiritually inclined scholar is always happy.

Soul and Body.

The spiritual world revolves around The Almighty and our Soul which is eternal. The material world revolves around relations, wealth and social status which are transient. Thus, the spiritual world gives eternal bliss and the material world gives sorrow. Body is perishable, whereas Soul is eternal. Soul is the software which runs the body.