Thursday, 3 May 2018

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Material world vs Spiritual world.

Goloka Vrindavan.

Sanatana Dharma teaches us that the material world is transient whereas the spiritual world is eternal. It compares the material world with a tree whose roots are upside with branches down. It is difficult to visualize such a tree. The material world is not filled with real happiness because one falls into the trap of birth-life-death cycle in it. The spiritual world is filled with pure happiness and bliss because there is no need to die or be born again in it.

Coming to how one should come out of the material world and enter the spiritual world is simple. Pray to The Almighty during your last minutes and the holy scriptures assure you that He will bring you to His Abode, which has no pain and only true bliss.

Attachments in this material world are one of the hurdles in reaching the spiritual world. Avoid attachment with material things and in order to gain such detachment, one has to believe in The Almighty and worship Him. He blesses those, who are free from all kinds of attachments and desires, with His Abode after their death.

Most of us think that this material world is real. The material world is like the reflection of a tree in the river, where the roots are seen upward and branches downward. Actually, the spiritual world is the real tree. The material world is felt just because of the spiritual world, which is like real tree.

Spiritual world: The real trees. Material world: The reflection of trees in the river.

Heaven is also a material world which most people wish to attain, after death, for happiness. So, one has to wish for attaining the GOD's Abode which is the eternal world and is free from the cycle of birth-life-death. Reaching GOD's Abode is Moksha. If one has to understand what is Moksha, then one must have faith in our holy scriptures provided by our ancient scholars. Moksha is beyond our transient body, which is not you. This body is a medium to feel the senses through Nature. Don't you think, the feelings, emotions and thoughts are beyond body? Yes, Moksha is a state which doesn't require body to live in GOD's Abode of love and pure bliss. I pray to Him to bless me for understanding what is Moksha and reveal it to you All. Leaving it to GOD's will.